CHIARA NESTI by Gemelle Toscane

Why Gemelle Toscane? Gemelle Toscale literally means “Toscan Twins”. Scientifically speaking there are no more identical people than two twins, but yet it happens they might be so different. The name was chosen in order to enhance the peculiarity of each person as an unique being. Every person has the right to create their own personality, specially by choosing what to wear.

The creator is an independent woman who believes in what she does and promotes. She was born in 1990 third of four children and she is now a mother herself. In 1991 she got her high school diploma and shortly she started working with plenty of famous brands.

After many years of hard work in the fields of shoes, clothes and accessories she has created her own product line.

The materials used  are chosen in respect of the environment.

These products were designed for those people who don’t follow the trend, but want to launch a new one themselves.

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