Costància Bag


The Tannery that gave birth to “Constància”, was founded in 1952, in Italy, a country that has always been a fashion and style exporter all over the world, and the company philosophy is to combine traditional tanning techniques with the latest fashion trends. current strong of our many years of experience in the sector, gained in the area of ​​excellence for leather production: Tuscany. Tannery which produces only top quality leathers in full grain, 100% vegetable tanned and hand buffered.

In fact, we carefully select the soul of Constància, that is, genuine full-grain leather in the natural first-choice and hand-dab one at a time.
Our goal is to offer customers, in addition to the high quality standard of our products, sales and sales assistance tailored to the current needs of the market.
Our motto: elegance is not getting noticed but being remembered! “Constància: Luxury crafts”
Constància was born, therefore, in the heart of Tuscany, from the passion and tradition for leather and full grain vegetable tanned leather. High craftsmanship attentive to the smallest details in its creations, development, design and processing, to ensure the best to the final recipient.
Constància was born as “Luxury craftsmanship”, with the aim of being an elegant, fashionable brand, but at the same time giving vent to the originality of “handmade” craftsmanship with the possibility of being able to customize it.
Our creations are small creatures first imagined, then drawn freehand, then we create and build model in the salpa and then slowly realize them with care with the best leathers / accessories in its smallest details.

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